Frequently Asked Questions – Answered!

What is the difference between an endorsement, a testimonial, and a reference?

They are quite similar, however a reference, is the action of mentioning or alluding to something, whether it’s a person, service or product. A testimonial, is a formal statement testifying to an individual’s character, qualifications and/or achievements. The word endorsements encompasses both definitions, properly defined as; an act of giving one’s public approval or support to someone or something.

What is a ReviewKarma Review Page?

A Review Page is your own personalized webpage that will show-off your 3rd party verified testimonials for your company, branches, and/or salespeople.

Why would I need ReviewKarma?

Our current users love ReviewKarma because it allows them to hold their teams accountable, helps brand their branches and salespeople across the web, and helps them close new business and generate more leads.

How does ReviewKarma promote my reviews?

After you collect your customer feedback, our automated system will share your 4 star and 5 star reviews to your Company, Branch, and/or Salesperson social media spaces. Plus, the positive reviews are fed to your company website via a streaming widget, bringing validity to the testimonials on your site. Also, your happy customers will have the opportunity to easy copy their comments to public review sites such as Yelp, Google+, City Search and others.

What is an endorsements request?

An endorsements request is a short online survey that you e-mail your chosen references allowing them to comment on your individual service, product, or company. Average time to complete a survey is less than 1 minute.

Can multiple endorsements requests be sent at the same time?

Yes, this can be completed in a couple of ways. One is to enter multiple email addresses when sending the endorsements requests. Or, you could copy the link and email blast from your own email or add the Personal Survey Link to your company CRM to automate the sending of the request. Also, you can import an excel spreadsheet of your customer list to email blast the requests.

What are Users?

Users are your organization’s team members and/or branches that have their own ReviewKarma Review page under your account. Each User can collect their own testimonials and display them on your company website or their own company web page via streaming widgets. Also, each user can install an e-mail button widget providing the ability to view their 3rd party verified testimonials to anyone receiving their e-mail. This allows your company and team members flexibility in sharing testimonials to clients on an individual or company basis.

Can controls be implemented over our Users ReviewKarma Review pages?

The administrator of the main account has control over all preferences for its team members, and branch ReviewKarma’ Review pages.

What if I receive a negative endorsements?

Should you receive an unsatisfactory endorsements, you can either “reply” to it, and your reply will be displayed directly underneath the endorsements or you can remove it entirely from being displayed. The negative review will not be public, however it will be averaged in to your Average Star Rating. If it is simply an average reference, than believe it or not, it’s actually good to have some average references. Your endorsements become more believable and more legitimate with average ratings.

Who is allowed to complete an endorsements request?

Your ReviewKarma Review page is not open for public comments. Only those receiving an endorsements request from you are able to comment and post their testimonial.

How will my reviews end up on Yelp, Google+ Local, or other review sites?

As soon as your customer completes your endorsements request, and gives you a 4 star or above endorsements, they will have the option to easily copy it directly to your Yelp or Google+ Local page, etc.

Will my references name and title be shown on my endorsements?

You have the choice of how your endorsements are displayed. You can opt out of having their Last Name, Company, City, and Title from showing on the endorsements. The opt-out feature can be found on the Send Request page at your dashboard’s inbox.

How are the endorsements "3rd party verified"?

Your endorsements are verified via an automatic return email as soon as the endorsements request has been completed and received to your ReviewKarma Review page. Once verified, that endorsements will be displayed with our Verification Badge confirming the powerful 3rd party endorsed value.

How are my endorsements shared to my Social Media accounts?

You have two options for sharing your received testimonials to social media accounts, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter & Google. One is to manually post each endorsements after you have received and reviewed them. The other is to set up our automated and scheduled sharing which can be done through the preferences tab on the dashboard. The automated and schedule sharing will only share your 4 star and 5 star endorsements.

Can I opt-out of having my endorsements verified?

No. As referenced above, once an endorsements is received an automatic return e-mail is generated requesting verification. If verification does not occur, it only makes your endorsements less valuable, and will not display the verification badge on your ReviewKarma Review page.

What is a Facebook tab?

A Facebook tab is a tab that will stream your verified reviews to your Company Facebook Page. The tab is easily downloadable from our site and will add value to your Facebook page.

Can I change the survey questions?

Yes, at any time you can customize the survey questions. This simple procedure is completed by accessing the “Account Details” tab and then clicking on “Change Preferences”.

Does ReviewKarma help me collect referrals?

Yes, ReviewKarma will help you collect referrals as you have the option to ask your customer for a referral on your survey. The customer is able to enter in a referrals name, email, and phone number which will be reported back to you via email.

Can I become an affiliate of ReviewKarma?

Everyone who has an account with ReviewKarma can become an affiliate. To sign-up, simply contact a representative at 480-818-6468.

What kind of commission can I earn as an Affiliate of ReviewKarma?

As an affiliate of ReviewKarma, you will receive a commission based on a % of total revenue for all products and subscriptions for anyone you refer for recurring forever. We will provide the marketing material, and links to share to your database of clients and/or customers. The links we provide will be linked to your account, tracking each person or company that you refer. We pay commissions out on the first day of the month, every month, once your account reaches $50. You have the ability to choose a live check or be paid via pay pal.